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The National Constitutional Law Union Is Launched

By June 6, 2021July 5th, 2023No Comments

Today, John Pierce announced the formation of the National Constitutional Law Union Inc. (the “NCLU”). The NCLU is a non-profit social welfare organization. Its mission is to preserve and protect the United States Constitution and the American way of life by providing legal support and funding to individuals whose Constitutional rights, civil liberties, and similar rights are being violated or in jeopardy.

The NCLU is being founded and initially staffed by the best and brightest attorneys who already are currently litigating some of the most important of these cases in history. They have watched in the past several years, the combination of government overreach, Big Tech tyranny, and other developments put the Constitution and related rights at serious risk.

The NCLU will provide funding directly to clients and their law firms who are waging these battles every day. Substantial funds will go to a firm owned by Pierce specifically for the legal fees and costs of clients whose cases fall within the full mission statement of the NCLU as determined in the sole discretion of the Board of Directors and approved by those clients. Also, the NCLU will fund other law firms and their litigants.

In addition, the NCLU will be building a legion of internal staff attorneys across the country who will directly engage in litigation in state and federal courts in all jurisdictions. The NCLU will also engage in public advocacy with respect to the issues set forth in the full mission statement.

Pierce’s firm currently represents numerous defendants in connection with the events at the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021. It also represents former Donald Trump campaign aide Carter Page in multiple litigations relating to the FISA abuse perpetrated in connection with the 2016 Presidential election. In addition, it currently represents Jake Gardner, a Marine combat veteran who tragically took his own life after being wrongfully charged following a self-defense shooting, as well as Amanda Ensing, a Latina beauty influencer who was defamed and “canceled” by Sephora for conservative social media posts. Previously, Pierce and his firm have represented Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Kyle Rittenhouse, Tulsi Gabbard’s Presidential campaign (against Google and Hillary Clinton), and George Papadopoulos (in connection with seeking a pardon from President Trump in connection with the “Russia Hoax”).

Pierce made clear that the creation of the NCLU was inspired by and is in direct response to increasing government tyranny in the United States, as well as the American Civil Liberties Union’s shift to the extreme left in the past years. He explained that “our Constitutional rights are being shredded daily and at an accelerating pace by a tyrannical government. If freedom-loving Americans do not unite to stand up for these rights, they will be lost forever. We believe the most important thing that can be done to protect liberty is to fight in court for those who do not have the means or ability to fight for themselves. The ACLU has lost its way. It no longer fights for the Constitutional rights of all Americans. Rather, it has become a weaponized tool of the radical left. The NCLU is stepping into the void created by this development and will stand up for the individual liberties of all American citizens, regardless of political persuasion.”

Although Pierce describes himself as an America First conservative populist and has represented numerous conservative clients, he made clear that the NCLU is not only for conservatives – but rather for all Americans: “While I am very proud of my work for conservative clients, my firm has also previously represented a Democratic Presidential candidate, as well as major corporations and financial institutions that lean strongly to the left. The NCLU’s mission is to preserve and protect the United States Constitution. That is a document that, thank God, still applies to all American citizens. We will fight for those on the left, right, and center when their Constitutional rights and civil liberties are under threat. The United States Constitution and the American way of life are unique in all history and serve as a beacon of freedom and hope to all humankind. This is perhaps their hour of greatest danger. If we do not stand up and fight for them now, we will lose them forever.”

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