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The NCLU Subpoenas Members of Congress

By July 29, 2023August 3rd, 2023No Comments

In a dramatic turn of events, attorneys led by John M. Pierce, Chairman of the National Constitutional Law Union (NCLU), have issued subpoenas to several members of Congress, including Speaker Kevin McCarthy and Representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz, and Jim Jordan. The subpoenas come as part of the ongoing efforts by the NCLU to uncover the truth behind the events that unfolded on the fateful day of January 6th, and they signal a significant escalation in the investigation’s intensity.

John M. Pierce, Chairman of the NCLU, stated, “We are fully committed to pursuing justice and uncovering the truth about what transpired during the January 6th Capitol riot. Our aim is to ensure accountability for all those involved, regardless of their positions or affiliations.”

Roger I. Roots, an NCLU-affiliated attorney, added, “The issuance of these subpoenas marks a critical phase in our pursuit of transparency and accountability. Our legal team is dedicated to a thorough and impartial investigation to uphold the principles of justice and safeguard our democracy.”

Roots further emphasized, “It is imperative that all Members of Congress who have received these subpoenas cooperate fully with the investigation. By doing so, we can work towards healing the wounds caused by the events of January 6th and uphold the integrity of our democratic institutions.”

The NCLU, known for its unwavering dedication to upholding the rule of law and promoting transparency in governance, is determined to conduct a thorough and impartial inquiry into the events surrounding the January 6th riot.

The NCLU is currently representing over 37 January 6th defendants who are facing prosecution in the aftermath of the Capitol riot. The NCLU is committed to ensuring that each defendant receives fair and just treatment under the law.

As the investigation unfolds, our nation faces a critical moment of reflection on the principles that underpin our democracy. The pursuit of truth and accountability is paramount to ensuring that such events never recur, and it is crucial that all parties, including elected officials, cooperate fully with the legal process.

One of the issued subpoenas states, “You are hereby commanded to produce all documents, records, electronic communications, and any other relevant information pertaining to communications with individuals involved in the January 6th Capitol riot or related activities. You are also commanded to appear for a deposition and provide sworn testimony regarding your actions and knowledge leading up to and during the events of January 6th.”

These subpoenas represent the first time in which members of Congress have been subpoenaed to testify for a January 6th trial.

At the National Constitutional Law Union, we remain steadfast in our commitment to supporting the fair and thorough investigation into the January 6th Capitol riot. Our mission is to promote transparency, accountability, and justice in all matters concerning our nation’s governance.

We will continue to closely monitor the developments in this investigation and provide updates as more information becomes available. Our thoughts are with all those affected by the events of January 6th, and we stand united in our commitment to upholding the principles that make our nation strong.

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