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The NCLU Joins the Free Speech Alliance

By August 8, 2023No Comments

The National Constitutional Law Union (NCLU) proudly announces that we have recently joined the Free Speech Alliance, a subsidiary of the Media Research Center.

The Free Speech Alliance (FSA) comprises more than 130 organizations and individuals who oppose silencing conservative voices on social media.

The NCLU hopes this partnership will help strengthen the NCLU and FSA’s shared vision to tackle the following:

  1. Amending Section 230 so it no longer abets Big Tech censorship of conservatives.
  2. Stop the federal government and Silicon Valley from colluding to silence opposition.
  3. Protect children from predatory practices online.
  4. Use antitrust legislation as needed.
  5. Protect users’ data privacy from invasive policies of social media companies.
  6. Work to end woke ESG standards that harm American businesses.

Conservatives are under attack. Conservatives face an existential crisis as social media giants, in collaboration with the radical Left, root out and silence conservative speech on their platforms and across the Internet. This is the worst threat to free speech our country has ever faced.

The conservative movement’s future depends on our ability to communicate our message. If Facebook, Twitter, and Google censor conservatives on the Internet, the modern-day public square, everything conservatives have fought for is at risk. The Left will control the narrative. The Internet is truly the new battleground for liberal media bias.

For the last several years, Silicon Valley has grown more powerful, and they are abusing that power to censor conservative thought, individuals, and organizations. Big Tech’s power over our public dialogue threatens our Constitutional Republic. This must stop. This problem will not improve until conservatives draw a line in the sand and reject the toxic influence of Big Tech cash. Big Tech money is politically toxic waste.

The National Constitutional Law Union will continue seeking partnerships and coalitions with like-minded organizations to further our core mission.

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