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The NCLU Secures Best January 6th Jury Verdict To Date

By June 8, 2023July 5th, 2023No Comments

One week ago, in the federal district courthouse in Washington, DC, Chairman of the National Constitutional Law Union John Pierce and his law partner Roger Roots won a stunning jury verdict for January 6th defendant Kenneth Joseph Thomas.  After four full days of jury deliberations, Thomas (a Navy combat veteran, independent minister, and father of four) was acquitted of a twenty-year felony charge called “obstruction official proceedings,” as well as physical violence on restricted grounds and physical violence on Capitol grounds. The jury also hung on an assault on a federal officer charge, as well as disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds. Those charges were then dismissed. This jury verdict was the best  January 6th defense jury verdict obtained so far and dealt a blow to the DOJ’s narrative that the January 6th protestors who came to DC to have their voices heard were “armed insurrectionists”  determined to overthrow the government.  

John Pierce – who has previously represented George Papadopoulos, Carter Page, Rudy Giuliani,  Tulsi Gabbard, Kyle Rittenhouse, and others – represents the most January 6th defendants of any lawyer in the United States. His work for the January 6th defendants is largely credited for stopping the government narrative in its tracks and helping to open the eyes of the American People about what happened at the Capitol that day. JPL partner Roger Roots, who tried the Thomas case along with Pierce, had previously obtained the sole seditious conspiracy acquittal in the trial of five members of the Proud Boys earlier this year. JPL currently represents 34 defendants, with several cases set for trial during the second half of 2023 and trials already scheduled for 2024.  

Speaking about the Thomas verdict, Pierce said, “This is an incredible win for Joe Thomas and all  January 6th defendants. I think we did a terrific job selecting the best jury we could in a very challenging venue. We picked apart the credibility of the government’s witnesses, and we made the strategic decision to put Joe on the stand in his own defense. He was extremely credible, and the jury clearly believed his testimony that he came to DC that day not to obstruct Congress, but rather to have his voice be heard about the 2020 election. He also acted to protect other protestors from the excessive use of force he witnessed that day by law enforcement. Joe  repeatedly said that day he wanted peace and freedom, not violence.”  

Pierce credited the jury for their work on the case. “This jury went through the evidence and the jury instructions with a fine-tooth comb. They deliberated for four long days and had over a  dozen questions for the judge that were extremely nuanced. I think this case goes to show that 

with the right lawyers selecting the best jury and fighting over every inch of the terrain, there is hope for January 6th defendants, even in DC. We intend to take every one of these cases to trial and win. Whatever we can’t win at the district court level, we will win on appeal. It is also clear that representing so many defendants is becoming a huge advantage for us. There is a steep learning curve with respect to these cases. The fact we have so many is allowing us to start connecting the dots on a very deep level in terms of what happened at the Capitol that day. This is years’ worth  of work that it is impossible to replicate if you are a law firm that only has one or two of these  cases.”  

Pierce also expressed frustration with the lack of action by Congress on January 6th. “The GOP-controlled House needs to step it up. They promised the American people they would release the footage, and they have failed to do that. They promised they would launch a real investigation into January 6th, and they have failed to do that too. They have also completely given up the leverage they had with the power of the purse in terms of reigning in the abuses of the FBI and  DOJ in connection with these prosecutions. Honestly, I have no idea what they are doing. If the  House GOP would do its job, we would win more and more of these cases going forward.”  

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